1279 Westwood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90024


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Awesome massage! I was in need of a little R&R and the Thai massage really got the spot. I love that Thai massages use no oil (so you don’t crisco your clothes after) and that there is a ton of stretching involved. It’s like doing yoga but better because they do all the work for you! Prices are very affordable. It’s a great place to come with a few friends and then have lunch next door!

Brittany "The Skinny Critic" B., Los Angeles, CA

Yes! I think I finally found my spot! It’s local and they took me on the spur of a moment. It smells lovely and is very clean!

The service from the front desk to the masseuse I had was lovely! They asked me what I preferred and what my massage history was. My masseuse was great in that she went lighter when I wanted her to and really listened to me. I hate it when they just come in and start working without getting an understanding of what I want.

Get the Swedish/Thai combo and just give yourself to the hands of the lovely ladies that work there…

Nahid D., Los Angeles, CA

I’ve been here for a massage twice now and have yet to be disappointed. The Thai Swedish combo is my favorite and I have to say they will work out all the kinks in your back. If the pressure is intense just let them know, they will adjust. Good massage at a great price, that gets five stars in my book.

Dania "Dunchie" S., Los Angeles, CA

wow amazing time there ! I had a car crash and my neck hurt so much. I chose the combo Thai Swedish and even though I felt a lot of pain during the massage now I feel relieved and way better !
The rooms are small and cosy and the beds comfortable.

Laura S., Los Angeles, CA

So since I have never been to a massage parlor before my gf was sweet enough to surprise me with such an experience and I’m very glad she did ;). Since it was my first time I did not know what to expect but it was def. a bitter sweet experience! My massage lady was a little on the rough side because of my size but I’m glad she was because she was able to get rid of my knots in my back that i didn’t even know I had! I felt kind of bad because she seemed to be working a little harder on me but i guess their use to doing that haha. It was very relaxing once i got use to it and we got a couples room so it was that much better knowing my gf was right next to me :). Not only was my overall experience great they made it even better by giving us free Thai teas from next door because we checked in! Super cool ๐Ÿ™‚ Def. will be coming back here !

Lanka "The Beast" W., Los Angeles, CA

Came here on a Sunday for my first Thai massage ever! My therapist was Eva–it was quite enjoyable, not sure if it was “amazing” since it was my first one. I had the Thai-Swedish combo and I felt like they could have worked on my back more though. The ladies were very nice, and the ambience pretty relaxing, I would definitely come back for the price and location, and happy hours are weekdays $45 before 2:00 pm. Free street parking on Sunday, otherwise they have a lot in the back, but limited parking spots. Overall did the job and got the relaxation I was overdue for!

Trin H., Los Angeles, CA

I went for the first time last weekend. I’m so happy to have found this little gem.

The environment is clean, warm and peaceful. The staff is lovely and so kind. My masseuse was absolutely darling.

I opted for the Thai combo massage with oil. Honestly, I have to say this may be the best massage I’ve ever had. she worked out all my problem areas and didn’t go to hard on me.

I look forward to my next massage at Aqua Spa.

Amber L., Los Angeles, CA

Highly recommended. The owner is very dedicated to pleasing his customers. My visit was a little rough. … My second visit was for a Swedish massage. My new masseuse was also nice, and much gentler and attentive. It was one of the better massages I’ve had.

S. T., Los Angeles, CA

I had the best massage I have ever had here and it was only $45. The massage therapist worked the knots out of my back and during the stretching portion of the session she was about to loosen up some of my compressed disks in my lower back. I was also surprised how clean and well maintanied this establishment was.

Jason B., Seattle, WA

Early bird special between 10 am and 2 pm: $45 massages! ๐Ÿ™‚ #WIN

Caitlin B., Los Angeles, CA

just had my first Thai massage with my husband who always goes here… I can see why’d, Marian was great and for the first time since breast cancer struck me two years ago I have finally left my st res behind… she let me sink into the massage no talking just stress release Th’s marion !!!

Cathy D., Pacific Palisades, CA

If you’re looking for a great massage this is the place. The place is very clean and quiet. You can request male or female if you have a preference and the prices are great! You can’t beat them. The massages are awesome, I never feel cheated and always wish I had made my appointment longer- sometimes even add time. They really listen to what you want and like. If you prefer a light massage or deep muscle work. They’ll even walk on your back if you’re ok with that, they always ask ahead of time. There is no rush either. They let you know the time the exact moment they start and they massage to the second of the hour or two hours you are paying for, sometimes even over.
They are so nice too. The girls really seem to care about your needs and wants for your back and/or muscle areas. Also, the strength of the massage you are looking for they stick to. I recommend the Swedish/deep muscle mix massage. It’s the perfect mix of stretching and deep muscle work (or as deep as you want it to be). I love it and always leave feeling relaxed and much more flexible/loose. I highly recommend this Spa.

Chelsea "Chels" M., Los Angeles, CA

Fantastic massages! I’ve had a pesky knot in my shoulder for a month or so and my little Thai massage lady really dug her elbow and worked it out. Clean, relaxing, and friendly staff also!

Christina K., Costa Mesa, CA

Super friendly staff. Great place for a couples massage. Clean and comfortable. Massage given specified to your request!! Awesome place in general and well priced.

Fredel R., Santa Monica, CA

There is just one word for the Thai-Swedish Combo Massage AMAZING!!
After numerous recommendations I finally booked an appt. The staff was very attentive very knowledgeable and I feel like a million bucks. I have only had one other massage that compares and that was at one of the top massage houses in Japan I give them five stars. You won’t be disappointed my therapist name is Kitty don’t be fooled by her size she has some power in those fingers. Don’t make the same mistake I did and procrastinate call today for and appointment.

Eydie M., Los Angeles, CA

I had a great experience here. I have some problems with shin splints and tight muscles in my legs from playing soccer. I went here specifically because they offered a deep tissue massage which would help with that. I got there without an appointment and I was able to get an appoint in the next 10 minutes which was awesome. I was a little worried that the girls would not be able to massage my muscles strong enough, but boy was I wrong! They definitely know what they’re doing and massage just hard enough to get all the knots out, but not too hard to make it painful. The girl who massaged me also had some kind of intuition for exactly where the knots were and was able to target them really well. I think I will go here more often to help out my leg muscles.

Maxwell K., San Luis Obispo, CA

This place is pretty cheap ($40 for hour long Thai, $50 after 2 PM and $50 for Swedish) and was the best place I’ve been to. Definitely going back

Jeff C., Los Angeles, CA

I am new to LA and this was my first therapeutic massage here in town. I have gone for several massages back in my home state of Pennsylvania but Aqua Thai Spa was by far the best experience I have had yet. I will certainly return as a customer, NAPA was magnificent, she listened to what I mentioned about the areas on my back that were giving me problems and she made it her focus which in my past experience they usually don’t.

Usually after I get a therapeutic massage I leave feeling mad at myself for wasting money but, I left the Aqua Thai Spa feeling rejuvenated and felt like my money was well spent.

I highly recommend! Great 1 hour prices also!

Joseph S., Los Angeles, CA

Really one of the best massages I’ve had in a long time! Sha Sha was my therapist and I told her to do whatever she thought. Pressure was perfect. You could tell she was certified and trained with a lot of experience. The stretching in the way she manipulated me was unreal!

Ken , Los Angeles, CA

Amazing place! I live in New York, and every time I visit LA I get a massage here. The place is clean, and peaceful, and the massage is always great! I would come every week if I could!

Michal L., Brooklyn, NY

I had a great massage here and the price was reasonable.
Love it!!

Sueann J., Los Angeles, CA

best thai massage I ever had in town. My masseuse was very skillful and caring, and the room was very clean. I got a private “closet” space in a medium size room with 3 others. They are separated by dry wall and curtains. I could hear other customers communicating with their masseuses, but not crazy loud. Felt like a new person after my treatment!

U Y., Los Angeles, CA