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Located on Westwood Blvd (only one and a half block South of Wilshire Blvd), Aqua Thai Day Spa is a divine paradise where guests experience reviving and relaxing treatments for both physical and spiritual and well-being. Only a short walking distance from UCLA Hammer Museum.

The clean design of Aqua Thai is the ultimate getaway and the perfect place to nourish the senses. Majestic steps lead to the unique entrance of Aqua Thai Day Spa, where the journey to absolute relaxation and bliss begins with a welcome Thai herbal tea. From here, guests leave the outside world behind as they breathe in the sensual aromas and warm floral oils.

Aqua Thai Day Spa features exquisite facilities comprising traditional Thai style VIP massage and treatment rooms. The spa also takes pride in applying the finest of natural products and boasting a dedicated team of highly skilled Asian female massage therapists.

Guests Enjoy the Gentle Touch of a Delicate Massage

Speaking to all of the senses, the spa journey at Aqua Thai Day Spa is guaranteed to be a truly sensual one. The array of treatments on offer at this splendid spa is impressive including Thai massage, Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage, Foot Massage, Prenatal massage and the most popular signature Thai-Swedish Massage Combination. They are carried out by a team of professional Thai therapists who use their knowledge of ancient philosophies and natural recipes to help amplify rejuvenation benefits with the treatments they perform.

Among the range of massage therapies-all created by Aqua Thai Spa – is Aromatherapy, a session either 60, 90 or 120 minutes long, which involves a technique of light, rhythmic strokes that gently relax, calm and balance the body, stimulating the blood circulation and brightening the senses. More traditional forms of massage are also available. Options on the menu include Traditional Thai, Classic Swedish, Deep Tissue, Head/Neck/Shoulder Massage and Reflexology. Recommended is Aqua Full Body Thai-Swedish Combination Massage, a specially designed treatment that works with pressure points based on the Oriental theory of energy meridians combined with soothing aromatic oils. The gentle kneading and stretching technique is very effective in relieving tension, aches and pains. Whether guests go for 60, 90 or 120 minutes, they are guaranteed to leave totally relaxed and refreshed.

Another must-try signature treatment is Aqua Thai Hot Marble Stone. During the 80-minute therapy heated marble stones are glided over vital points of the body to help extract toxic substances, improve calcium intake and strengthen the bones. Beyond being a vitalizing physical experience, it affects the mind, opening up new perspectives and stimulating creative problem solving.

A Number of Specially Designed Spa Packages

Combine several of the therapies with programs specifically targeted at men, women or couples massage. For instance, Aqua Spa’s Retreat Packages. Post-Travel 120 minutes package designed to combat jet lag, road fatigue and abdominal stress, and combines massage, detoxifying and body treatments.

Aqua Thai Day Spa Takes the Spa Experience to Another Level

Providing top-grade service, offering superior-quality natural therapies performed by a professionally trained and dedicated team. Aqua Thai Day Spa’s ingenious design together with the exotic mood carried by sensual touches of sight, sound and scent, make the perfect setting for the unforgettable moments that lie ahead.

Every treatment at Aqua Thai Day Spa has been carefully designed to elevate the experience from simply special to the truly unique, engendering a memorable time to be relished long after the trip has ended. Guests are left not only with the balance between mind, body and soul for which Aqua Thai Day Spa is famous, but also invigorated and completely & revitalized.

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